Need to have your accounts done Accurately ??
Need to avoid your accounts errors ??
Success Accounting Services staff specialize in audit, analysis, and reviewing all the financial statements, payroll, fixed asset schedules, and CRA audit support . Our staff  analyze and test all the financial records to ensure the accuracy, and that the income tax are calculated  properly and on time to avoid penalty . We assess financial operations of organizations to ensure the work runs efficiently, and with  the following audit procedures :
General Ledger Entries
Audit all General ledger entries through monthly analysis and examination of revenue and expense reports, payroll, year-end closing reports, and other documents to ensure all the information is safe and secure from fraud or error.
Bank Reconciliation
Analysis and audit the Bank reconciliation to ensure it accurate.
Financial Statements
Audit and analysis the Financial statement  such as Income Statement & Balance Sheet before taxing to ensure all the financial report are accurate.
Bank Accounts
Audit all the Bank accounts, including bank name, account number and authorized signatures to ensure there closing balance are equal to the financial statement amount.
Fixed Asset
Reviewing the new fixed asset purchases with invoices to ensure are on the financial statement.
Audit and reviewing of Payroll information before issuing the pay-stubs to ensure its accurate.
CRA Audit Support
We are experienced ,educated and specialized in CRA audit support by providing them their needs in a very professional and organized way.