Looking for a professional Corporate Tax Preparer ??
Want to minimize your tax payable ??
Success Accounting Services staff are constantly upgrading their knowledge and have taken the CRA Tax Courses requirements to give the best service and advice to their clients. CRA is always updating us with changes in corporate taxes polices. Our professional staff have years of experience in corporate tax credits to reduce the corporate tax payable by adding all the CRA Corporate Tax Tips such as :
  • Dividends T5
  • Salaries & Wages T4
  • Shareholders Loan
  • Loan to Spouse
  • Travel Expenses
  • Charity & Donation
  •  Bad Debts
  • Home Office Expense
    Mortgage Interest
    Utilities Amount
    Property Tax
    Repair & Maintenance
  • Vehicle Expense
    Capital Cost Allowance CCA
    Car Washing
    Gas / Fuel
    Car Lease payment
    Parking Fees
    AMA Amount
    Repair & maintenance
    Registration amount
  • Capital Assets / Fixed Asset
  • Accounting & fees
  • Office rent
  • Advertisement
  • Meals & Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Interest Deduction
  • Gift to Children
  • Salary to the Spouse
    and Much More…