Simplify your Payroll
Success Accounting Services provides guidance and a convenient way to pay your employees. We also guide and help our clients to control every aspect of their employee’s payroll.
Success Accounting Services Responsibilities :
  • We handle our clients employee records Confidentially
  • Auditing all time sheets to ensure the accuracy and all employees are Accounted
  • Setting up new employees in the payroll system with information such as address, wages, vacation rates, and banking information for direct deposit
  • Calculation individual pay slip based on attendance, contracts or overtime
  • Issuing biweekly or Monthly paystubs as requested by clients
  • Calculating Employee deduction or Payroll deduction such as EI,CPP and Income tax from each employees and issuing deduction cheque to CRA
  • We analyze and audit the payroll Source Deductions before issuing the pay-cheques to ensure accuracy
  • Client  employees paid accurately
  • Issuing two copies of  T4, T4A, T5, T5018 Annually and submitting to the CRA and to the employees
Clients Responsibilities
  • Submit your payroll information by phone, Email or fax
  • Payroll information should be submitted on time, to avoid paystub delay